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Pizza Bag


Deliver hot and crispy food


Perfect Size

The bag fits up to 6 Pizzas. Of course it also transports just one or two pizzas or gratins.

Inner dimensions: 45cm x 45cm x 20cm

Insulation with Moisture-Absorption

Pizza bags by enviado come with first class insulation.
The sewed in insulation made from polyester absorbs moisture dispensed by the transported food and releases it after delivery. Steam vents support this ability.

Cheap pizza bags with foam mats for insulation are not able to release moisture.
The result: soggy pizza.

Stable Bottom

The stable bottom keeps everything straight. Pizza and pasta boxes are supported evenly.
No sauce is spilled, nothing turned upside down.

An A5-sized pocket for invoices and menu flyers keeps your documents professionally organized.

Order enviado Pizza Bags now!

  • first class insulation
  • reduces moisture – keeps your pizza crispy
  • stable bottom
  • low weight
  • A5-sized pocket for invoices and menu flyers
  • fits jumbo-sized pizzas
  • inner dimensions: 45cm x 45cm x 20cm

Accessories for Pizza Bag

enviado pizza bags fit perfectly into our Thermobox.
With its 42cm inner height and 50x50 bottom, two pizza bags with up to 10 pizzas fit into this giant.

Heat storage Heatpack for pizza bags

Heatpacks and pizza bags combine perfectly.
Simply heat it up in the oven, put it in a pizza bag and you will deliver the hottest pizza ever.

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